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TRNR 190
TRNR 150
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TRNR 530

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Past Bulls Offered for Sale!

The following group of spring born bull calves were selected from over 50 calves born at Turner Shorthorns in 2016. Cow management at Turner Shorthorns mirrors commercial cow management – cows are wintered outside and never supplemented. Pasture, hay and mineral is the only intake. Bulls from these cows will generate low input, easy keeping cows. These bulls have much to offer purebred Shorthorn breeders or progressive commercial producers. Upon evaluation feel free to contact us for more information. Thank you for your consideration.

TRNR Brillance 106
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TRNR Rio 346
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TRNR Stellar 426
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TRNR Chism 486
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TRNR Revere 86
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TRNR Tomorrow 226
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Calves offered in our October 25, 2016 Somerset Sensations Online Sale

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