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  • SM WVSF-22 GC Plus Bull 252 Dropbox
  • SM-WVSF-22-GC-Heifer-122-Rose-Lass
  • OSF 22 Best 6 Head
  • SM-WVSF-22 Res Bull 172 Panzer


With stunning views of rolling vistas, columns of vibrantly hued sandstone rising up from the scenic pastures and the gurgle of numerous springs and brooks, the setting of Turner Shorthorns looks to be from the wall of a fine painting gallery. But while the farm has a growing reputation for its quality cattle and scenic views, Tom and Susie Turner are, in some ways, better known for their work off of the farm. Tom Turner grew up in Logan County where his family has raised Shorthorn cattle since the 1940s. As a professor at Ohio State, Tom coached 32 intercollegiate livestock judging teams that included 266 students and is the longest serving coach in the 105-year history of the program at Ohio State and the second longest in the U.S. Tom also served on the OCA board and was president in late 1990s. He was on the first committee for the Beef Expo and was instrumental in the start of the Beef Exhibitor Show Total (BEST) Program to get young people more involved with OCA.

Tom and Susie Turner
11075 SR 757
Somerset, OH 43783

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